Purism, the pc reseller specialised in promoting Linux laptops, studies that the newest model of the Qubes OS security-focused desktop running gadget can now be put in with none problems or warnings on its Librem computer sequence.

Last 12 months, Purism began transport coreboot-enabled Librem laptops, and it gained some fascinating comments from consumers who purchased them and tried to put in early unencumber candidate photographs of the Qubes four.zero running gadget, reporting that the Qubes OS installer complained about IOMMU reinforce.

Apparently, IOMMU reinforce wasn’t to be had in Intel’s Skylake processors that powered Purism’s Librem laptops, however it is supported via the coreboot firmware, previously referred to as LinuxBIOS, so the corporate needed to update its laptops to the latest coreboot release, which shall we customers set up Qubes OS four.zero with none warnings.

“Starting with Qubes 4.0, the installer will warn users if their computers do not support certain CPU features such as IOMMU. While you can ignore the warning and complete the install, certain VMs with PCI devices attached such as sys-net and sys-usb will not start unless you change their virtualization mode from HVM to PV, bypassing the protections IOMMU provides,” says Kyle Rankin.

Initial TPM reinforce landed in Purism’s Librem laptops

Purism says that it is these days nonetheless checking out the brand new coreboot symbol with IOMMU reinforce for its Librem laptops, and can quickly begin to be offering it with all new computer shipments. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a Librem computer from Purism and need to set up Qubes OS four.zero on it, you will have to wait a bit extra for the up to date line-up.

Meanwhile, it seems like Purism plans upload coreboot reinforce for TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to its Librem laptops, and use the TMP with Heads era to provide consumers tamper-proofing in opposition to malware that might compromise the kernel, bootloader, or even the BIOS in their Linux-powered laptops.

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